Leah the Forsaken1908N/AN/A

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Leah, a Jewess, with several of her people, are observed in conversation, as a number of Christians come suddenly upon them, stone and drive them away. At the parish church the worshipers are observed leaving, among them Magistrate Lorenz. Father Herman and Madalene, a charming young girl whom Lorenz has chosen as the wife of his son Rudolph. They proceed to the home of Lorenz, where Rudolph is observed seated on a bench, meditating. The young man is upbraided by the father for his failure to attend religious services, and while in conversation Leah appears, closely followed by the angry mob. The crowd makes a rush toward her, the priest raises the cross before them and they cower in fear. Beneath a large cross in the forest, Leah is waiting expectantly. Rudolph appears and the lovers, for such they are, rush into each other's arms. The young man asks Leah to marry him and leave home. She promises, and after vowing eternal fidelity the lovers part, agreeing to meet the following day ...